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Yoga Classes

All facilitators have their personal touch and may offer specialist areas of expertise.

A general overview  
There are several different types of yoga, and Hatha yoga – which concentrates on posture and exercise – is the most widely practised in the West.

Yoga is an ancient Indian therapy that uses posture, breathing exercises and meditation to help calm and relax the mind and body. It is excellent for relieving stress, increasing vitality and helping you switch off, as well as improving circulation, joint suppleness, flexibility and overall health.

Physical relaxation techniques are only effective if they address the mind, too, and yoga is based on the concept that physical exercises are linked to mental and spiritual development.

Yoga Therapy 

Who is it for?
Everyone & anyone. This complementary therapy is completely tailored and adapted to the individual and so absolutely no experience of yoga is necessary. Like all therapies, it is best to receive training from a qualified teacher, who will help you achieve mental control and the right yoga positions for you.

Johanna Murray

Hannah Rzysko

Yoga Therapy Courses

Run by Hannah Rzysko

Takes the form of 5 x 90 minute sessions, attendees receiveā€¦
– An extensive online booklet detailing what we explore throughout the course, why the practices work, an example home practice and guidance on how to create their own
– Meditation, relaxation and guided breath recordings
– Personal email and skype support in between sessions as needed
– A private facebook group that everyone who attends the course is invited to and is becoming a very positive platform of open supportive discussion for mental health