Lyle-Isabelle Arnold

Lyle-Isabelle Arnold


One to one Therapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy and Integrated Eye Movement Therapy


Phone: 01303 863359
Mob: 07905 438357


Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can be used to alter mindsets and create new dynamics within thought patterns and behaviours, thus removing negative or harmful habits.
It can be used for the management of anxiety/depression, to stop smoking or unhealthy eating, poor confidence or low self esteem, phobias or stress.

Integral Eye Movement Therapy

This is particularly effective as releasing past traumas which are currently having a harmful effect. This therapy is used to treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and deep seated traumas both emotional and physical and is effective by releasing the emotional content from the memory of the event. As the therapist doesn’t have to know the memory the client is working on it is completely confidential.

Therapy costs:
Hypnotherapy : Initial Consultation – £80
                          Follow-up Sessions – £70
I.E.M.T :             Initial consultation – £55
                          Follow-up Sessions – £45

How to book a therapy appointment:

Please call: 01303 863359 OR Mob: 07905 438357 

About Lyle-Isabelle

I have been in conventional healthcare for five decades.
I trained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist with Marcia Tillman at Life Clinics in Faversham under the syllabus set out by the National Council for Hypnotherapy and hold the qualifications B.Sc, MNCH(reg), NCFE.
I also trained in IEMT with Joanna Harper at Integrated Training in Eastbourne and am a member of the Association of IEMT practitioners.
I currently see clients at Manor Barn Therapy Centre in Canterbury.

Contact details

Mob: 07905 438357