Elizabeth Hartley

Elizabeth Hartley



MSc, B.A. (Hons), Post Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy

Mobile: 07971 411 061

Counselling and Coaching for Women Integrative Psychotherapist

Both counselling and psychotherapy involve talking to someone who is trained to listen. In general, counselling is a short-term talking therapy which allows individuals to deal with specific issues. Whereas, psychotherapy is used to deal with deeper issues, often associated with past experiences and deep rooted struggles.

As your therapist I am a qualified and experienced psychotherapist who has worked for many years within the field of domestic abuse. I have extensive knowledge in working with women who are have experienced controlling, abusive relationships and may still be living with the emotional affects of that abuse. My experience in this field brings a sharp focus to this counselling specialism. I offer 121 sessions and group coaching. (Freedom Program Facilitator).


Stress is the common theme with almost all psychological conditions. Depressed people have more of the stress hormone cortisol in their bloodstreams. Addicted people are stressed because their needs are not being met, addiction often offers temporary escapism from the feelings of unmet needs. Panic attacks develop when stress is high or a perceived stress is high. The continuation of stress and failure to relax leads to people feeling helpless. Long-term stress inhibits the parts of our brain that generate feelings of enjoyment and satisfaction. I teach you techniques to self-regulate stress and anxiety that are simple and powerful.

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Bio Feedback AnaIysis

As part of my Counselling and Coaching work I offer a unique bio-feedback analysis. Bio- feedback analysis was first used by NASA for the well-being of astronauts then by elite sports personal. We do not have to be an astronaut or sports person to benefit from being our optimal self, more of the time.

It is now possible to measure, monitor and regulate our emotional state so that you can become more ‘coherent’ over time. With some coaching and and regular practice of simple breath work and techniques you can bring your nervous system into ‘coherence’ (balance) for optimal functioning.

One of the benefits of a ‘coherent’ state is relaxation which primes you for the inner work involved in psychotherapy and coaching. Other outcomes are that you feel in control and able to think more clearly because your brain function is not being inhibited by the stress response and your immune system is not impaired by elevated levels of cortisol.

BOOK A FREE Discovery Session to explore how you can bridge the gap from how you feel now to how you want to feel email – info@thecanterburycoachingcentre.com

  • Anxiety and Stress to Balance, Relaxation and Calm
  • Fear/Freeze to Wise Decision Making
  • Withdrawal to Motivation
  • Despair and Hopelessness to increased Hope
  • Sorrow and Sadness to Increased Joy
  • Loneliness to Connection
  • Confused feelings from the affects of abuse (often years later) to Emotional
  • Freedom.
  • Aimlessness to Aspiration and Purpose

About Elizabeth

I also offer Group Coaching (minimum of 5 to form a group) There is no ‘wrong’ time to begin …

Congratulations to Elizabeth Hartley – Master Coach and Trainer whose Coaching has been reviewed as “life changing”. London.

Registered member of – The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. The British Psychological Society.

Bps Approved Supervisor



Mobile: 07971 411 061