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For men and women, Pilates aims to increase muscle strength and tone, flexibility and control of the body. As a result you will feel stronger, leaner and improve your posture.

Pilates is an ideal form of exercise for a wide range of people as the exercises are slow and controlled, working with the breath and concentration. This safe form of exercise is recommended by many health practitioners today.

You don’t have to be fit to start but equally you can still be challenged if you are currently working out regularly. You may be surprised at the level of strength required but this is because many of the exercises can be adapted to challenge your level of fitness.

COSTS: Blocks of 6 weeks : £48

(classes can be taken over a period of 10 weeks).

 pay-as-you-go basis: £9 per class

About Judy

Judy qualified in 2001 as a Sports and Injury massage therapist. While working in this field Judy attended a Pilates Rehabilitation workshop and noticed how using this form of exercise was achieving positive results for back, shoulder and neck pain sufferers. Encouraged by this, she went on to become a fully qualified Pilates instructor. Judy has been teaching Clinical Pilates and Fitness Pilates classes for since 2011.

“My long term back problem is now in the past thanks to Judy’s help and superb teaching skills.”
Patricia Jones

“Judy’s pilates classes are excellent. She makes the sessions varied, challenging and fun and is able to cater for students with different levels of ability. Personally I have noticed a real improvement in my core strength and general level of fitness.”
Jim Laslett

“….I’ve been attending Judy’s pilates classes for a year and a half and believe that they now represent an intrinsic part of my life. Her professional knowledge of anatomy and physiology also ensures she caters for all her students, whatever their age, physical condition or experience level. I can’t recommend the classes highly enough.”
Andrew Thrush

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Mobile: 07778 354 881
Email: judycampbelluk@gmail.com