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Taoist Mentor and Guide

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As a Taoist Metaphysian I heal and balance energies whatever the potential problems. This is individual or in groups as a workshop or seminars.
Looking at who you are, looking back at the origins of your life to discover what makes you the character that you are, how that projects itself at society. It is about the healing of the being, the individual and of the spirit.
The Tao (Dao) How to apply the great philosophies. The original basis of civilisation and many religions. Taoism is not a religion.
A Metaphysician has the understanding and philosophy of Metaphysics. The study of thought with the knowledge and understanding of reality and creation in the now.

Cost: £50 per hour

About Charles

As a guide to a happier and healthier life, with over 30 years of experience in helping beings evolve in Europe and Africa.

As one of the few Metaphysicians there are no traditional qualifications as such. The history of the Tao is over 5000 years old and was influential in the founding of Buddhism and Confucianism religions.

Having Studied Taoism and metaphysics since 1985 with the great Stuart Wilde (sadly now deceased) and many top motivational and spiritual speakers such as Dr Deepak Chopra, Earl Nightingale, Dr Wayne Dyer and Tony Robbins among them, I started to hold seminars and full day interactive Lectures.

I have since run numerous sessions teaching metaphysical spiritual healing and alternative thinking.

I am a Taoist Guru, business man with a love of the philosophies of Lau Tzu,

In Norway and Africa I ran businesses and training in manufacturing, sales, corporate finance as well as a business newspaper in Nairobi, Kenya.

I am also the author of ‘Deja Vu – The Way’ with a new book ‘The Dog Rose’ on the way.

Mobile: 07470 479 151