Therapeutic massage
Therapeutic massage relies on the use of touch to induce feelings of relaxation and well-being. There are many techniques of massage, but all rely on the use of systematic movements of rubbing, stroking, compression, kneading or strong patting of skin, muscles or joints. It can be combined with other treatment procedures like aromatherapy and hydrotherapy. Therapeutic massage is based on classic massage techniques. It is used to relieve stiffness, tension and muscle pain (especially recommended for athletes for muscle relaxation prior to the event and after the event - to relieve pain after physical exertion). It is also effective for migraine, tension headache and low back pain, for general relaxation, and to reduce stress.

45min/30, 75min/50

Lymphatic drainage
Otherwise known as a lymphatic massage, is improving the flow of fluid in the lymphatic system. It is currently the most effective method of treatment of edema. The creator of lymphatic drainage is considered to Emil Vodder, a Danish doctor. The mechanism of lymphatic drainage is purely mechanical - the recanalisation of the lymph nodes and lymph shift in the direction of venous escape. Under the influence of special massage techniques used in the form of the gentle pushing, moving and light squeezing, stimulates lymphatic circulation and lymph node activation. Increased lymph flow ensures proper function of the lymphatic system, allowing it to meet the main tasks of transport, purifying and regenerating. This increases the supply of nutrients to tissues and organs, and the removing of waste products by the elimination of the symptoms of stasis. In the lymph nodes, the lymph is cleansed from bacteria, which increases immunity.

40 min/30, 75min/55

Chinese cupping massage
Improves blood and lymph circulation, and which facilitates the excretion of metabolic waste products, toxins and reduces swelling. It dilates blood vessels, thereby facilitating the absorption of active ingredients in preparations for anti-cellulite treatments. A special “Chinese bulb” or cup is placed on the skin which accelerates metabolism and lipolysis and so reduces cellulite and smooths the skin and improves its colour. With stimulation of the deep layers of the skin this mobilises immune defenses, as well as stimulating fibroblasts which increases production of elastin and collagen, significantly affecting the firmness and elasticity of the skin. Just like any massage has a calming and relaxing, but people with a low pain threshold may feel some discomfort.

It is good for people who are stressed out, tired, sedentary and after an intense exercise.

40 min/30, 75 min/60

Anti-cellulite massage/Slimming massage
This technique improves circulation throughout the body, especially those places where there have been “changes”. Massage is one of the most effective treatments in the fight against cellulite. Massage works on the skin and subcutaneous tissue by removing unwanted toxins and harmful products of metabolism, reducing lymphatic stasis and stimulates the proper functioning of the body. After the massage the cells are better oxygenated and nourished, skin is smoother, firmer, supple and firm. Massages of this type are used for both prophylactic and curative situations. The effects are most evident after a series of massages. Obviously a slimming massage is recommended to be combined with physical activity and proper diet.

40 min/45, 70 min/65

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Your Therapist

Adrianna Al-Kobecy

Adrianna is a professional, fully trained and experienced physiotherapist, who is also a massage therapist. She lived and trained in Poland, but is now based in Canterbury.

The therapeutic massage carefully given to her clients applies her experience and skills using variety of techniques dedicated to various therapies and health conditions.

She also is fully trained (with The Polish Association) in Complex Anti-Oedema Therapy, which is effective for a variety of conditions where swelling is a problem.

One Adrianna's specialisms is the application of Lymphatic Drainage, a gentle massage that detoxes and cleanses the body by allowing this little understood system to function better. There are very few people trained to do this in the UK.

She is also trained in manual trigger point therapy from the David G. Simons Academy.

If you have any conditions you wish to discuss to explore which treatment may best suit your own situation, simply give Adrianna a call. I am happy to have a short, friendly no obligation chat with you. Call on 07856080420. Thank you!